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Can't Beat American Made™

Industry's First Functional Weight: The Adapt Saddle


The Mule’s innovative design is cutting new trails in the world of bow hunting. The Mule Stabilizer was designed originally in the field while hunting to assist a hunter in more than just stabilization.

The front of the stabilizer is shaped like a saddle (Pack Mule). This saddle allows a hunter to rest their forearm securely in the saddle while carrying a bow. The saddle also allows you to rest the bow up-right on any surface keeping your limbs, strings, cables, major bow components free from damage. And now with proven field testing, The Mule is outperforming all others on the market.

Can't Beat American Made

The MULE Stabilizer is made 100% in the USA. Designed, engineered and fabricated by a hunter for hunters. All materials, from the raw aluminum, the plastisol PVC coating, bolts, MULE Mount, and hardware are all made in the USA.